CommScope, Inc.

SYSTIMAX offers a variety of patch cords of standard lengths and colors utilizing traditional Material ID's (comcodes). This tool allows you to cross reference these traditional Material ID's to their configured counterparts. The corresponding Unique Product Identifier (UPI) should be used to replace the older Material ID's when placing orders. The old Material ID's are being discontinued.

(1) Either enter an SYSTIMAX Material ID and click the Cross Reference button or visually scan the cross reference list.

(2) Click on the resulting Unique Product Identifier (UPI) to see the patch cord characteristics. When applicable, you can choose either a PowerSUM or GigaSPEED replacement.

Old SYSTIMAX Material ID:


Entire Cross Reference List
Old Material ID (Sort) Old Product ID (Sort) PowerSUM replacement UPI (Sort) GigaSPEED replacement UPI (Sort)
700074024 110P8GS Not Applicable CPC8842
108867888 D8MC6NIV10BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F010
108867920 D8MC6NIV25BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F025
108288234 110P4GS-15FT Not Applicable CPC8852-03F015
108867961 D8MC6PIV25BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F025
108867987 D8MC6PIV33BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F033
108868027 D8MC6NWH10BA Not Applicable CPC3282-83F010
108868084 D8MC6PWH25BA Not Applicable CPC3282-83F025
108867748 D8MC6PBK20BA Not Applicable CPC3282-13F020
108868290 D8MC6M-IV IVORY Module Base Code Not Applicable CPC3282
108867730 D8MC6NBK33BA Not Applicable CPC3282-13F033
108868332 D8MC6M-GN GREEN Module Base Code Not Applicable CPC3282
108868340 D8MC6M-GR GRAY Module Base Code Not Applicable CPC3282
108868365 D8MC6M-BL BLUE Module Base Code Not Applicable CPC3282
108062050 110P8GS- 3 FT Not Applicable CPC8842-03F003
108062068 110P8GS-5, 5 FT, 4 PR Not Applicable CPC8842-03F005
108062076 110P8GS 7 FT Not Applicable CPC8842-03F007
108062084 110P8GS 9 FT Not Applicable CPC8842-03F009
108062092 110P8GS 15 FT Not Applicable CPC8842-03F015
700032295 110GS-15T Not Applicable CPC8842-03F015
108868282 D8MC6M-BK BLACK Module Base Code Not Applicable CPC3282
108793852 D8CP-SEWH-75 Not Applicable CPC3472-08F075
700169105 D8EN CORD Not Applicable CPC3313
108793621 D8CN-SEGR-15 Not Applicable CPC3482-03F015
108793639 D8CN-SEGR-25 Not Applicable CPC3482-03F025
108793662 D8CN-SEGR-50 Not Applicable CPC3482-03F050
108793670 D8CN-SEGR-75 Not Applicable CPC3482-03F075
108793688 D8CN-SEGR-100 Not Applicable CPC3482-03F100
108793753 D8CN-DEGR50 SOLID CONDUCTOR CAT6 CORD Not Applicable CPC3382-03F050
108793803 D8CP-SEWH-15 Not Applicable CPC3472-08F015
108867862 D8MC6NIV5BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F005
108793845 D8CP-SEWH-50 Not Applicable CPC3472-08F050
108867953 D8MC6PIV20BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F020
108793860 D8CP-SEWH-100 Not Applicable CPC3472-08F100
108793969 D8CN-SE PATCH CORD CUST Not Applicable CPC3482
108793977 D8CN-DE PATCH CORD CUST Not Applicable CPC3382
108794066 D8CP-SEVAR SOLID VARIANT PATCH CORD Not Applicable CPC3472
108794074 D8CP-DEVAR SOLID VARIANT PATCH CORD Not Applicable CPC3372
108867680 D8MC6NBK5BA Not Applicable CPC3282-13F005
108867698 D8MC6NBK10BA Not Applicable CPC3282-13F010
108867706 D8MC6NBK15BA Not Applicable CPC3282-13F015
108867714 D8MC6NBK20BA Not Applicable CPC3282-13F020
108793811 D8CP-SEWH-25 Not Applicable CPC3472-08F025
108288135 110P2GS-3FT Not Applicable CPC8862-03F003
108881608 110P4UPGS-Y VISIPATCH VARIANT CONFIG Not Applicable CPC5552
108885567 110P4UP-GS-23 FT VISIPATCH Not Applicable CPC5552-03F023
700202716 110P4UP-GY23 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F023
108881574 110P8UPGS-VARIANT CONFIG CORD Not Applicable CPC5512
108661091 119P8VP-GS-3B Not Applicable CPC5312-03F003
108671678 CD CON-119P8CM-7A Not Applicable CPC5311-03F007
108671652 CD CON-119P8CM-5A Not Applicable CPC5312-03F005
108535527 110P2UP-GS-2 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F002
108535774 110P4UP-GS-18 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F018
108535600 110P2UP-GS-6 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F006
700032295 110P2GS-15FT Not Applicable CPC8862-03F015
108288150 110P2GS-5FT Not Applicable CPC8862-03F005
108288176 110P2GS-7FT Not Applicable CPC8862-03F007
108288192 110P2GS-9FT Not Applicable CPC8862-03F009
108288200 110P2GS-15FT Not Applicable CPC8862-03F015
108671702 CD CON-119P8CM-12A Not Applicable CPC8141-03F012
108288291 110P4GS-3FT Not Applicable CPC8852-03F003
108867904 D8MC6NIV15BA Not Applicable CPC3282-53F015
108288267 110P4GS-7FT Not Applicable CPC8852-03F007
108288242 110P4GS-9FT Not Applicable CPC8852-03F009
108535584 110P2UP-GS-4 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F004
108535675 110P4UP-GS-2 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F002
108535576 110P2UP-GS-3 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F003
108535592 110P2UP-GS-5 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F005
108535618 110P2UP-GS-7 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F007
108535626 110P2UP-GS-8 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F008
108535634 110P2UP-GS-9 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F009
108535642 110P2UP-GS-12 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F012
108535659 110P2UP-GS-15 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F015
108535667 110P2UP-GS-18 Not Applicable CPC5562-03F018
108881616 110P2UP-GS-Y, VISIPATCH VARIANT CONFIG Not Applicable CPC5562
108885591 110P2UP-GS-25 FT VISIPATCH Not Applicable CPC5562-03F025
700074065 119P8CM*A Not Applicable CPC8141
108535683 110P4UP-GS-3 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F003
108535691 110P4UP-GS-4 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F004
108535709 110P4UP-GS-5 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F005
108535717 110P4UP-GS-6 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F006
108535725 110P4UP-GS-7 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F007
108535733 110P4UP-GS-8 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F008
108535741 110P4UP-GS-9 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F009
108288275 110P4GS-5FT Not Applicable CPC8852-03F005
108535758 110P4UP-GS-12 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F012
108535766 110P4UP-GS-15 Not Applicable CPC5552-03F015
700169865 D8CM ANTISNAG CORD CPC6642 CPC3312
CPC1142 D8CM Modular Patch Cord Base CPC6642 CPC3312
108566597 D8CM-BL1 CPC6642-02F001 CPC3312-02F001
108566605 D8CM-BL2 CPC6642-02F002 CPC3312-02F002
108566613 D8CM-BL3 CPC6642-02F003 CPC3312-02F003
108566621 D8CM-BL4 CPC6642-02F004 CPC3312-02F004
108566639 D8CM-BL5 CPC6642-02F005 CPC3312-02F005
108566647 D8CM-BL6 CPC6642-02F006 CPC3312-02F006
108566654 D8CM-BL7 CPC6642-02F007 CPC3312-02F007
108566662 D8CM-BL8 CPC6642-02F008 CPC3312-02F008
108566670 D8CM-BL9 CPC6642-02F009 CPC3312-02F009
108566688 D8CM-BL10 CPC6642-02F010 CPC3312-02F010
108566696 D8CM-BL14 CPC6642-02F014 CPC3312-02F014
108669961 D8CM-BL15 CPC6642-02F015 CPC3312-02F015
108566704 D8CM-BL19 CPC6642-02F019 CPC3312-02F019
108566712 D8CM-BL25 CPC6642-02F025 CPC3312-02F025
108566720 D8CM-BL50 CPC6642-02F050 CPC3312-02F050
108566407 D8CM-1 CPC6642-03F001 CPC3312-03F001
108566415 D8CM-2 CPC6642-03F002 CPC3312-03F002
108566423 D8CM-3 CPC6642-03F003 CPC3312-03F003
108566431 D8CM-4 CPC6642-03F004 CPC3312-03F004
108566449 D8CM-5 CPC6642-03F005 CPC3312-03F005
108669474 117CM-15 CPC6642-03F005 CPC3412-03F015
108566456 D8CM-6 CPC6642-03F006 CPC3312-03F006
108544529 D8CM-7 CPC6642-03F007 CPC3312-03F007
108566464 D8CM-8 CPC6642-03F008 CPC3312-03F008
108566472 D8CM-9 CPC6642-03F009 CPC3312-03F009
108566548 D8CM-100 CPC6642-03F010 CPC3312-03F010
108566480 D8CM-10 CPC6642-03F010 CPC3312-03F010
108566498 D8CM-14 CPC6642-03F014 CPC3312-03F014
108566506 D8CM-15 CPC6642-03F015 CPC3312-03F015
108669482 117CM-30 CPC6642-03F015 CPC3412-03F030
108566514 D8CM-19 CPC6642-03F019 CPC3312-03F019
108566522 D8CM-25 CPC6642-03F025 CPC3312-03F025
108566530 D8CM-50 CPC6642-03F050 CPC3312-03F050
108566571 D8CM-6M CPC6642-03M006 CPC3312-03M006
108566589 D8CM-30M CPC6642-03M030 CPC3312-03M030
108566399 D8CM-6" CPC6642-03N006 CPC3312-03N006
108570680 D8CM-GR1 CPC6642-04F001 CPC3312-04F001
108570698 D8CM-GR2 CPC6642-04F002 CPC3312-04F002
108570706 D8CM-GR3 CPC6642-04F003 CPC3312-04F003
108570714 D8CM-GR4 CPC6642-04F004 CPC3312-04F004
108570722 D8CM-GR5 CPC6642-04F005 CPC3312-04F005
108570730 D8CM-GR6 CPC6642-04F006 CPC3312-04F006
108570748 D8CM-GR7 CPC6642-04F007 CPC3312-04F007
108570755 D8CM-GR8 CPC6642-04F008 CPC3312-04F008
108570763 D8CM-GR9 CPC6642-04F009 CPC3312-04F009
108570771 D8CM-GR10 CPC6642-04F010 CPC3312-04F010
108570789 D8CM-GR14 CPC6642-04F014 CPC3312-04F014
108670001 D8CM-GR15 CPC6642-04F015 CPC3312-04F015
108570797 D8CM-GR19 CPC6642-04F019 CPC3312-04F019
108570805 D8CM-GR25 CPC6642-04F025 CPC3312-04F025
108570813 D8CM-GR50 CPC6642-04F050 CPC3312-04F050
108566738 D8CM-IV1 CPC6642-05F001 CPC3312-05F001
108566746 D8CM-IV2 CPC6642-05F002 CPC3312-05F002
108566753 D8CM-IV3 CPC6642-05F003 CPC3312-05F003
108566761 D8CM-IV4 CPC6642-05F004 CPC3312-05F004
108566779 D8CM-IV5 CPC6642-05F005 CPC3312-05F005
108566787 D8CM-IV6 CPC6642-05F006 CPC3312-05F006
108566795 D8CM-IV7 CPC6642-05F007 CPC3312-05F007
108566803 D8CM-IV8 CPC6642-05F008 CPC3312-05F008
108566811 D8CM-IV9 CPC6642-05F009 CPC3312-05F009
108566829 D8CM-IV10 CPC6642-05F010 CPC3312-05F010
108566837 D8CM-IV14 CPC6642-05F014 CPC3312-05F014
108669979 D8CM-IV15 CPC6642-05F015 CPC3312-05F015
108566845 D8CM-IV19 CPC6642-05F019 CPC3312-05F019
108566852 D8CM-IV25 CPC6642-05F025 CPC3312-05F025
108566860 D8CM-IV50 CPC6642-05F050 CPC3312-05F050
108566878 D8CM-OR1 CPC6642-06F001 CPC3312-06F001
108566886 D8CM-OR2 CPC6642-06F002 CPC3312-06F002
108566894 D8CM-OR3 CPC6642-06F003 CPC3312-06F003
108566902 D8CM-OR4 CPC6642-06F004 CPC3312-06F004
108566910 D8CM-OR5 CPC6642-06F005 CPC3312-06F005
108566928 D8CM-OR6 CPC6642-06F006 CPC3312-06F006
108566936 D8CM-OR7 CPC6642-06F007 CPC3312-06F007
108566944 D8CM-OR8 CPC6642-06F008 CPC3312-06F008
108566951 D8CM-OR9 CPC6642-06F009 CPC3312-06F009
108566969 D8CM-OR10 CPC6642-06F010 CPC3312-06F010
108566977 D8CM-OR14 CPC6642-06F014 CPC3312-06F014
108669987 D8CM-OR15 CPC6642-06F015 CPC3312-06F015
108566985 D8CM-OR19 CPC6642-06F019 CPC3312-06F019
108566993 D8CM-OR25 CPC6642-06F025 CPC3312-06F025
108567009 D8CM-OR50 CPC6642-06F050 CPC3312-06F050
108567017 D8CM-RD1 CPC6642-07F001 CPC3312-07F001
108567025 D8CM-RD2 CPC6642-07F002 CPC3312-07F002
108567033 D8CM-RD3 CPC6642-07F003 CPC3312-07F003
108567041 D8CM-RD4 CPC6642-07F004 CPC3312-07F004
108567058 D8CM-RD5 CPC6642-07F005 CPC3312-07F005
108567066 D8CM-RD6 CPC6642-07F006 CPC3312-07F006
108567074 D8CM-RD7 CPC6642-07F007 CPC3312-07F007
108567082 D8CM-RD8 CPC6642-07F008 CPC3312-07F008
108567090 D8CM-RD9 CPC6642-07F009 CPC3312-07F009
108567108 D8CM-RD10 CPC6642-07F010 CPC3312-07F010
108567116 D8CM-RD14 CPC6642-07F014 CPC3312-07F014
108669995 D8CM-RD15 CPC6642-07F015 CPC3312-07F015
108567132 D8CM-RD19 CPC6642-07F019 CPC3312-07F019
108567140 D8CM-RD25 CPC6642-07F025 CPC3312-07F025
108567157 D8CM-RD50 CPC6642-07F050 CPC3312-07F050
108571555 D8CM-YW1 CPC6642-09F001 CPC3312-09F001
108571563 D8CM-YW2 CPC6642-09F002 CPC3312-09F002
108571571 D8CM-YW3 CPC6642-09F003 CPC3312-09F003
108571589 D8CM-YW4 CPC6642-09F004 CPC3312-09F004
108571597 D8CM-YW5 CPC6642-09F005 CPC3312-09F005
108571605 D8CM-YW6 CPC6642-09F006 CPC3312-09F006
108571613 D8CM-YW7 CPC6642-09F007 CPC3312-09F007
108571621 D8CM-YW8 CPC6642-09F008 CPC3312-09F008
108571639 D8CM-YW9 CPC6642-09F009 CPC3312-09F009
108571647 D8CM-YW10 CPC6642-09F010 CPC3312-09F010
108571654 D8CM-YW14 CPC6642-09F014 CPC3312-09F014
108670043 D8CM-YW15 CPC6642-09F015 CPC3312-09F015
108571662 D8CM-YW19 CPC6642-09F019 CPC3312-09F019
108571670 D8CM-YW25 CPC6642-09F025 CPC3312-09F025
108571688 D8CM-YW50 CPC6642-09F050 CPC3312-09F050
108571266 D8CM-SA1 CPC6642-0AF001 CPC3312-0AF001
108571274 D8CM-SA2 CPC6642-0AF002 CPC3312-0AF002
108571282 D8CM-SA3 CPC6642-0AF003 CPC3312-0AF003
108571290 D8CM-SA4 CPC6642-0AF004 CPC3312-0AF004
108571308 D8CM-SA5 CPC6642-0AF005 CPC3312-0AF005
108571324 D8CM-SA6 CPC6642-0AF006 CPC3312-0AF006
108571332 D8CM-SA7 CPC6642-0AF007 CPC3312-0AF007
108571340 D8CM-SA8 CPC6642-0AF008 CPC3312-0AF008
108571357 D8CM-SA9 CPC6642-0AF009 CPC3312-0AF009
108571365 D8CM-SA10 CPC6642-0AF010 CPC3312-0AF010
108571373 D8CM-SA14 CPC6642-0AF014 CPC3312-0AF014
108670019 D8CM-SA15 CPC6642-0AF015 CPC3312-0AF015
108571381 D8CM-SA19 CPC6642-0AF019 CPC3312-0AF019
108571399 D8CM-SA25 CPC6642-0AF025 CPC3312-0AF025
108571407 D8CM-SA50 CPC6642-0AF050 CPC3312-0AF050
108571415 D8CM-LL1 CPC6642-0BF001 CPC3312-0BF001
108571423 D8CM-LL2 CPC6642-0BF002 CPC3312-0BF002
108571431 D8CM-LL3 CPC6642-0BF003 CPC3312-0BF003
108571449 D8CM-LL4 CPC6642-0BF004 CPC3312-0BF004
108571456 D8CM-LL5 CPC6642-0BF005 CPC3312-0BF005
108571464 D8CM-LL6 CPC6642-0BF006 CPC3312-0BF006
108571472 D8CM-LL7 CPC6642-0BF007 CPC3312-0BF007
108571480 D8CM-LL8 CPC6642-0BF008 CPC3312-0BF008
108571498 D8CM-LL9 CPC6642-0BF009 CPC3312-0BF009
108571506 D8CM-LL10 CPC6642-0BF010 CPC3312-0BF010
108571514 D8CM-LL14 CPC6642-0BF014 CPC3312-0BF014
108670035 D8CM-LL15 CPC6642-0BF015 CPC3312-0BF015
108571522 D8CM-LL19 CPC6642-0BF019 CPC3312-0BF019
108571530 D8CM-LL25 CPC6642-0BF025 CPC3312-0BF025
108571548 D8CM-LL50 CPC6642-0BF050 CPC3312-0BF050